About a month ago, I received a tip in the middle of the night that the garden was gone.  Gone, I thought?  That’s impossible.

But when I went to check it out, it was about as “gone” as a garden could be.  The remaining autumn plants and perennial shrubs were removed.  In October, I bought clover seeds online, to sow as a ground cover over the winter and bring much-needed nutrients to the soil.  I also read that clover works especially well with grape vines, which I had recently planted and had high hopes for covering the cinder block wall.  But instead of a lush green ground cover, I found mulch.  And under the mulch was some synthetic netting, I suppose to keep out the “weeds.”  And under the netting, I found those baby weeds, my little green clover sprouts with no hope for survival.

Obviously, I was enraged.  I went into the Ba Le Bakery where the garden is located, and got in a long line of customers.  Persistently, I asked a couple of employees, and finally a more helpful manager what happened, or what could have happened.  They clearly had no idea; they concluded that some Mexican neighbors came by and took the vegetation.  I told them that people had been picking stuff all along, but nobody has ever mulched over the whole darn thing.  Finally, they gave me the number of the gardener for the entire shopping center, but I never could get a hold of him.

I feel that this is the end of an era for me.  And I’m not sure if I should even continue this blog.  I’m tempted to keep posting about my nature/garden-based findings throughout the city, since that’s what I’ve always loved: the way nature creeps its way through urban environments.  We will see what happens, and if I will ever find another prime location for a guerrilla garden.

Good Neighbors

Sunny sunflowers

 Someone gave the gift of Christmas cactus






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Promises, Promises!

Hello friends!!!!  I’m sure you are wondering what I’ve been inheriting from nature’s bounty these days!

Though not quite guerrilla, this is the community garden around the corner.  The Mighty Writers kids grew this plot and it’s bursting with arugula, dino kale, tomatoes, basil, jalapeno, chard, rosemary.  Good lord, I just can’t eat it all.











At 6th and Washington, the only plant that really loves the heat is the sunflowers and, I guess, this squash which I didn’t even plant this year…

I’ve just been picking up trash, sprinkling some rotenone dust to keep away the bugs, and doing a little weeding.  Otherwise water is left to mother nature.

Dog Days

At last, rain!

This summer has been very trying compared to last summer.  The fact that one garden has been prohibited and the other destroyed, causes me great anguish.  Not to mention the scorching hot days- I have almost given up.  I really cant bear to do much more than water and run back inside to my air conditioned bedroom and take a nap.

What a wuss.

But at least the cloudy skies are watching over me today.

Nevermind then….

condos suck

gardens rule

Tree Man


Silly peeps!  Did you think I did all of this work myself?  Sure, I may be the brains but never underestimate… the brawn!

Here is my hunky tree man boyfriend helping me out at the new garden on South Street.

Finally a place to really try out the succotash (corn, red scarlet beans, pumpkin).  I don’t know what kind of pumpkin we have here; my friend Maggie grew some of her own pumpkins and gave me one, so I kept it all summer ’til there was not much left but seeds.  Thanks Mags, they have been sprouting like crazy.

But of course the ground wasn’t perfect, and Dan couldn’t rest until he uprooted the white whale, a probably-decades-old demon buried a couple feet down.  At least the corn can breathe now.